#this is why i love posey more than anything in the world #the difference between dylan and hoechlin and posey is that hobrien gets very shut down and uncomfortable when anything sterek-related gets thrown into their faces #the fandom let both of them get away with their homophobic comments #hobrien always rushes to defend their characters’ heterosexuality and here’s posey to whom the idea of scott being not-straight is not an issue at all #he’s never said anything like ‘scott only likes girls’ unlike dylan and hoechlin #like i totally understand hobrien’s discomfort because sterek shippers are entitled and aggressive and inappropriate most of the time but posey NEVER gets offended or uncomfortable by these kind of things #he embraces it #the fandom needs to stop throwing posey under the bus and start paying more attention to how he actually handles these type of comments and questions from fans #but i mean let’s face it the only reason why the fandom is so anti-posey is because they can’t stand it when their two favorite white guys laugh at their crackship and the brown guy is totally here for scott to have same-sex relationships



Yeah, I’m gonna need Sterek shippers to back up. You’re not turning Liam into Stereks love child/adoptive son, I don’t care how many scenes they have together its not happening. You’ve been erasing Scotts importance from both Stiles and Dereks lives to validate your ship for 4 seasons now, I will not let you erase Scott and Liams relationship just so you can turn it into Sterek.



I’ve been reading, and often commenting, on chefjoe79’s awesome rewatch and comprehensive analysis of Teen Wolf. It has been enlightening for me as far as Scott’s characterization.

you can read their posts here: http://chefjoe79.tumblr.com/tagged/Comprehensive-Analysis

some of my thoughts on…

This is disgusting. You are disgusting. Anyone who agrees with this is disgusting. I don’t get how some of you people can be so removed from reality and what’s actually happening on the show that you think making a comparison like this makes sense in any universe. What world do you live in? Did you really think this was a good idea and while typing? Was there not an inkling of intelligent thought that told you maybe accusing a POC of being “racist” towards the white guy is a bad idea? You and people like you make this fandom and this planet insufferable.


Teen Wolf 404 - Everyone just wants to get ahead


I am loving this season. Seriously. I think it’s shaping up to be my favorite. This episode was the real make-or-break moment, signalling the direction of the season as a whole, and it’s everything I’ve been wanting.

This episode also included/confirmed something I yearn for in fantasy/sci-fi series and very rarely get to see. I’m starting to think Davis is going to give me all the tropes I love!

I wish the PR wasn’t so fucking toxic, and half the fandom hadn’t been driven away, because it means people are missing out on a major payoff from all the build up of the last three seasons.

Spoilers below the cut.

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Your meta is shitty and you should feel shitty about it.

They hated on Scott for being “too obsessed with sports” only to learn that Derek too was obsessed with sports at his age.

They hated on Scott for being “too obsessed with Allison” only to see that Stiles has become obsessed with Malia.

They hated on Scott for “leaving Stiles alone to fend for himself” only to see that Stiles left Scott alone to deal with Liam.

They begged and demanded Sterek to become canon, but what they got instead was the show screaming “YOUR FAVES ARE EXACTLY LIKE THE PERSON YOU HATE” in their faces.

It’s great.