so let me get this straight

the same people that argue that Sterek could easily become canon because Stiles and Derek unconditionally trust and care for each other, despite the fact that both have canonically shown dislike and lack of concern for each other in the past, and that their relationship really isn’t as deep and saccharine as fanon likes to make it (ironically, it’s actually much more interesting than something as basic as that)

are now arguing that Scerek could never become canon because Scott still hates Derek and Derek still doesn’t trust Scott, despite the fact that this is canonically incorrect as has been shown to us in season 3-B

and, on top of that

the same people that argue that people can be coy when they say “X isn’t gay” because what they truly mean is “X is actually bi” because, you know, semantics

are the same people arguing that just because Scott — a fictional character — said “I like girls” it means he’s absolutely straight and there’s no other possibility because, you know, text

are these people for real or

no really

are these people actually serious

They’re also the same people who say they have a problem with Scott because he has an issue with “respecting male authority” despite canon proving the opposite while having no issue with Stiles despite canon proving he has issues with respecting all authority.




I love Scott, I really do - but there’s one thing I will never, ever forgive him: What he did in 212. Stiles was kidnapped and Scott did not even bother to look for him, even after the sheriff asked him to. He didn’t look for Stiles, he didn’t even call around, all he cared about was the big bad, his cause. And when Stiles returned, courtesy of his own frickin’ kidnapper, bruised and battered, all Scott did was say, “Oh, they found Stiles. Thank God.” In the light of Stiles’ absolute conviction that his best friend would find him, that Scott would come… that’s just heartbreaking. Because not only did Scott not come, he didn’t even look for Stiles… I wonder if Stiles found out and that’s why he ignored all Scott’s messages.

I wonder if that’s one of the reasons why Scott stayed with Stiles in Insatiable, why he sent everybody out but he, personally, stayed with Stiles, refusing to let him out of his sight. Because, yeah, Scott’s attitude towards Stiles changed big time starting with S3A. I wonder if these two had a heart-to-heart and Stiles told him about what happened, that Gerard kidnapped him to hurt Scott, but that Stiles never lost faith in Scott, that he knew Scott would’ve come and saved him. And if Scott realized what an a-hole he had been, that Gerard could’ve easily killed Stiles while Scott was galivanting around, pursuing his cause, and if he promised himself that, should they ever land themselves in a situation like this again, he would always put Stiles and his safety and well-being first.

It would be really interesting to read this missing scene, Scott’s thoughts about how he betrayed Stiles’ absolute faith in him without Stiles even realizing it.

Oh my god, why is this in the Sciles tag? Did yet another post dedicated to someone’s lack of viewing comprehension really need to be tagged?

Master Plan was a shitty episode and all of this can be blamed on that hack Davis’ tendency to introduce a conflict and then completely drop it in the sloppiest way possible and render any previous scenes dedicated to it completely useless while ignoring emotional consequences, because clearly he has more exciting things to do, over there.

Nonetheless, you can’t ignore how Scott was going to look for Stiles until the potentially life-threatening situation with Jackson was introduced, which had to take priority because it needed to be dealt with swiftly and he had no idea if Stiles was actually in any danger (and as it turns out, he wasn’t, beyond the bruises). He didn’t know that Stiles had been kidnapped or if he’d just gone somewhere of his own accord, no one knew anything beyond “Hey has anyone seen Stiles?” He was shown to have been calling Stiles continually all that time anyway, and even after Stiles got back no one knew the full story.

What, do you think Gerard tossed Stiles out of his car at his dad’s feet? Scott had no idea that he’d been hurt, he didn’t know until after Stiles crashed through the wall in his Jeep and he saw the bruises. At which point Stiles lied to him about it and that’s all we saw because again, Davis is a hack. But if you can’t look beyond the limited run time of the episode and imagine Scott actually confronting Stiles about where he got those bruises (and taking his pain, probably), then I don’t know what to tell you.

Stiles was ignoring his calls because he didn’t want Scott to know what Gerard had done, because the whole point of his very brief capture was that Gerard wanted Scott to find out, he told Stiles as much.

Stiles life was not in danger, at all, his kidnapping was only meant to be a message to Scott. And saying that Scott was “galivanting” around … yeah, okay, the interest in saving lives is galivanting  now. Clearly his “cause” was just blind selfishness.

It is 2014, stop making posts casting Stiles as the noble martyr in his friendship with Scott, good god, it is a huge disservice to both characters.

To be honest, I’d say Scott and Stiles are even. In the very first episode, Stiles persuaded an asthmatic Scott to venture into the woods to look for a dead body at night, only to leave him in the woods by himself once his dad caught them. Stiles’ inability to be like, “hey dad, Scott’s here too, let’s not forget him” subsequently led to Scott being bitten by Peter and being turned into a werewolf against his will, which subsequently led to Scott’s life being turned into a nightmare, which subsequently led to various people in Scott’s life, including several children, being killed. And then after finding out about what happened, Stiles barely showed any remorse and he barely took responsibility for his actions. And if I recall correctly, he even treated Scott like shit afterwards, like having him beaten up by a group of guys, because Scott had a hard time controlling himself after his first turn and kissed Lydia, which Stiles had no right to be mad over since he was not in a relationship with Lydia. In fact, it was Scott who ended up coddling Stiles even though he was the one struggling with being turned into a creature and being left to fend for himself, because that’s the kind of person he is. 

So yeah, like I said, I think they’re even, or at least both can be excused and forgiven for such a poor lapse in judgement, even though Scott’s so-called “unforgivable choice”, as opposed to Stiles’, had more to do with shitty writing and the fact that he had more important things to worry about, like everyone dying, than actually being something unforgivable that shows what kind of character he is.


Why Sterek is not good LGBT representation






You know, I’m not even one of the people biggest against the age difference between Stiles and Derek, aside of the part where I think that Stiles is far too immature for Derek, and Derek would be bored and annoyed by him pretty damn fast.

Aside of that though, I ship Scott/Derek, which is just as problematic, so I get that there’s some appeal between the vulnerable young boy and the older man. Yet even shipping that, I would never claim that Scerek which has much more chemistry and subtext than Sterek, is a good example of representation. 

See, that’s where my main issue lies, that a lot of Sterek shppers actually want their ship to be canon, ignoring that these characters can barely stand to be in the same room together, and forgetting how they actually canonically interact, there are people who actually think that Sterek would be good representation wise for LGBT relationships.

Let me give you a little hint why it isn’t.

I’m Belgian, we’re one of the only countries in the world with a gay man as prime minister of the country. And where for most people the biggest issue against him isn’t his sexual orientation, but the fact that they don’t consider his Dutch good enough. (it’s an issue with him being from Wallonie, which is French speaking and about half the country is Flemish… long story)

And yet, despite this being a pretty progressive country where gay rights were concerned, Di Rupio has been accused twice of being a pedophile.

Yes you hear me, this man is a prominant politician, and just because he’s gay, there have been allegations against him sleeping with underage boys. (aka teenagers about Stiles’ age)

No actual proof, and the first time it happened is when he came out publicly, when a reporter actually dared to indicate that his being gay might be equal to him being interested in young boys. he was fully cleared of said allegations, and yet only last month another politician, dared to call him a pedophile in Parliament.  Half of Parliament walked out in protest because of the sheer insult against the prime minister, but the fact is that some asshole actually dared to make such unfounded claims to a man like him, just because he’s gay.

If he were straight, no one would have even considered the words of the guy accusing him. Yet in response there were several people questioning if maybe Di Rupo had had things covered up due to his position.

So if you think that a relationship between a twenty five year old man (aka Derek) and a seventeen year old child (aka Stiles) is good representation, then you’re completely ignore the harm that such a stereotype of gay men being predatory on young boys, does in real life.

if even a prominent politician like Di Rupo in a progressive country like Belgium isn’t safe from the harm of such stereotypes, then what the hell do you think that promoting said stereotypes in more conservative countries like the US would do?

So no, Sterek is not good representation, not even remotely. In contrary, it’s harmful and destructive, to the very cause that people claiming it’s all about representation pretend to support.

If you want Stiles in a gay ship, why not support Sciles?

Posey is all in favor of an on screen relationship between the two. There’s more subtext, more chemistry and actual history between the two characters.

Or what about supporting Scanny or Stanny, both of which would work great as representation, and would pull Danny, who’s now far too often used as the token gay, into the storyline and give him something to do.

What about supporting Derek/Chris or Derek/sheriff Stilinski? you’d still get that age difference and antagonism Sterek shippers seem to love so much, but it’d be between two adults.

And all of those would be a million times better representation wise without supporting harmful stereotypes.

I just love it when people use “our world is homophobic” to hold homosexual couples to highter standard; thus using other people’s homophobia to excuse their own.

And it’s even better because of the assumption that people don’t age or grow. Like, most sterek shippers are in this for the long game, when Stiles is older and in college and Derek has gotten therapy. We ship them forever, all throughout their lives. But of course because at one point he was 17 and the real world is full of homophobes, therefore all representation of LGBT couples is off the table. Oh, except for couples with people in their own age bracket, because all all hetro relationships are judged like that.

After all, the only representation that is “good” is the kind that this person approves off. Everything else sets us back.

I’m not on the Teen Wolf fandom, heck, I don’t even watch it, but isnt like the consensual age for relationships in most countries 16~17 years old?

Also, heterosexual relationships with those age gaps happen.

If Sterek goes canon, it would be no different from any other similar relationship, relationships like this happen, and thus are ONE GOOD REPRESENTATION OF THE LGBT community., because they actually exist!!!

*exits running through the door*

Age of Consent laws vary by state, and in California (where Teen Wolf takes place) a sexual relationship between a seventeen-year-old and a twenty-five-year-old would be statutory rape, regardless of the genders of the people involved. But that’s not even the point.

The point is, if Stiles were a girl, if Derek had smashed a sixteen-year-old girl’s head into her steering wheel in a fit of pique, if Derek had a history of physically and verbally abusing said teenage girl, there would not be NEARLY so many people shipping them. Derek probably wouldn’t have nearly so many fans, either, because more people would see him for what he is—an abusive ass who has no business being around teenagers like ever.

And it’s fine if you’re in it for the long haul. I mean, if you think Sterek has a chance in Hell of actually being canonized on the show I already think you’re naive, so whatever. But I don’t really have a problem with people who headcanon their relationship as starting when Stiles is considerably older and Derek has mellowed out. My problem lies with people who are positively outraged that Sterek isn’t already canon. (Nevermind that it never will be, that’s pretty well beside the point.) And if you’re going to try to pretend that a good majority of the Sterek fandom doesn’t ship an emotionally vulnerable seventeen-year-old boy with a seriously damaged twenty-five-year-old man, then I’m just going to call you a liar, or else you haven’t been paying attention to what comes out of that fandom on a regular basis.

"Like, most sterek shippers are in this for the long game, when Stiles is older and in college and Derek has gotten therapy."

But y’all are shipping them now, though. Y’all’re forcing a grown man onto a teenager right now, not in the future when everything is “better”. It’s not any less gross because you’re like, “I’ll still ship them when Stiles is 25.” Like, that’s not what Stiles is right now. Stiles is meant to be a teenager. The show is about a teenager (Scott) and his life after being turned into a werewolf. The odds of the show continuing after these people grow up and become adults is slim to none considering the show has always been about a TEENAGER.

And do you honestly think the show would ever cover those two topics just so Sterek can be together? Derek Hale going to therapy? Stiles going off to college? Really? The show itself has, what, two seasons to go? After that, the show’s either going to be cancelled or the main cast is going to leave to do other projects (especially Dylan). The time it’ll take for the show to cover Stiles growing into an adult and Derek getting help is just not feasible for an TV show on MTV. Y’all are acting like Teen Wolf will still be on the air in 2020 or some shit. Newsflash: it won’t be. You’re literally using hypothetical situations to defend why you ship an adult with a child.

Congrats on completely ignoring the OP’s point about harmful and destructive stereotypes because you’re too proud to admit you’re gross.

So Dylan can outright shut down any hope of Sterek ever happening with his “Stiles is clearly not gay” comments, but Posey can’t tell people it’s ridiculous to ignore everyone’s hard work on the show for a pairing that doesn’t exist? If I’m not mistaken, Posey isn’t the one who fed y’all the misled belief that Sterek could ever happen. Nope, that was Dylan, the guy who has always operated under the assumption that Stiles doesn’t like guys but had no problem telling people “Stiles could be bisexual”.

This is what the Sterek faction gets for being so ignorant and hypocritical.

I’m just now seeing Dylan’s interview and I’m just confused. I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume this was Dylan’s way of saying Stiles is straight. I don’t for a minute believe Dylan knows anything about pansexuality or polysexuality since there is virtually no representation for either of those identities in any form of mainstream media. I’m seeing people being accused of erasing poly and pan identities because they’re saying Dylan said Stiles is straight, but that’s basically what he said in his own way. The only person I feel is erasing identities here is Dylan himself. The fact that he completely ignored the possibility of bisexuality and jumped to the conclusion that people think Stiles is gay is like, ridiculous on all levels. I thought he paid attention to the fandom? I thought he’d realize that liking a boy doesn’t mean Stiles is gay. How are you going to say you support Sterek because of the fandom but not even understand anything about how people view the ship? 

What a mess.

So the actual physical act of it was hard; I did a lot of research on how she would be actually dying in this circumstance, so I had to bear that in mind. So, as she was dying and she had her last breath, I was saying my lines and I kept saying, “I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.” And I remember one of the producers came over and said, “Please don’t say that because she loves Isaac.” [But] I do feel like Allison still loves Scott. And I think in that moment, she said she loves him because that’s still there. So it was hard for me to hold back those feelings because as an actor, I feel like that’s still there. So I don’t know how it’s going to turn out, but it was interesting for me as an actor because I so strongly felt the urge to say it to him even though she wasn’t supposed to. So that was interesting.

"I was saying my lines and I kept saying, ‘I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.’ And I remember one of the producers came over and said, ‘Please don’t say that because she loves Isaac.’"






"It’s not something we ever thought we’d do."

Yet you did it, Jeff. You killed off one of the only characters you got right. One of the only characters that gave US WHAT FICTIONAL CHARACTERS ARE SUPPOSED TO GIVE TO US.

Take your faux upset and fuck right off into the sun.

I do get peoples anger, i just bawled like a baby, but wasn’t there an article saying that whoever (now we know its crystal) asked to leave? Im sure I read that somewhere so you cant get to mad at Jeff

Does that matter? Jeff’s still a dick head, Jeff still treats his women like shit. He could have killed off Scott’s dad or Peter to make up for Allison’s death, but nooooooooooooo, that would be too much to ask from him. Hell, she didn’t even have to die. Girl could have moved on with her life and could’ve been like, “peace, I’m out of this hell hole” and left with her dad, but no, she’s not afforded such a luxury because Jeff Davis SUCKS.



"I think we all need to take a minute to think about how evil Derek had the potential to become. Villains always have a trigger. Derek ignored his and became a hero.”

that’s one of the really huge problems with this fandom, imho. people rewarding morally grey characters for turning to the good and completely ignoring the characters that already do strive to be continuously good and moral every single freaking day. i.e. scott mccall.

Read More

Like, I’m sorry if you’re offended by someone saying that Stiles and Derek are most likely heterosexual. It has nothing to do with “Stiles and Derek are straight because they kissed girls” and everything to do with the fact that Jeff Davis is a gay man too afraid to make one of his main characters queer because he fears that might turn people off.

Jeff Davis cares more about his paycheck than representation and I’m not going to delude myself into thinking otherwise.




I just want Sterek shippers to stop trivializing actual homophobia by saying anything that doesn’t involve Sterek is homophobic. It’s not. That’s not how homophobia works. There is a really big chance that both Stiles and Derek are heterosexual. That’s not homophobic. Stiles having sex with Malia. That’s not homophobic. Stiles being in love with Lydia. That’s not homophobic. Stiles not liking Derek. That’s not homophobic. Sterek not becoming canon. That’s not homophobic. An article about canon relationships that Stiles in involved in? That’s not homophobic. MTV ignoring a comment about Sterek that hypocritically bashes canonical pairings in an attempt to force Sterek into the conversation? That’s not homophobic.

If you want to talk about actual homophobia, which none of you actually want to do, talk about the constant queer baiting. Talk about the fact that Danny is never anything more than a background character used to fill in plot holes. Talk about things that are actually homophobic. Your non-canon ship that has never been promised or even alluded to not becoming canon, is not homophobic. You cannot convince yourself that Sterek is real and then cry “homophobia” when the show runners don’t agree with you. You cannot convince yourself Stiles loves Derek because he sneezed in front of him and then cry “homophobia” when, surprise, Stiles has sex with someone who isn’t Derek. That’s not the way it works.

Stop throwing that word around when it doesn’t apply. When the show runners start saying shit like, “Sterek can’t happen because it’s two dudes,” then you can say they’re being homophobic, because that’s what homophobia is.

First off, why is there “a really big chance” that Derek and Stiles are heterosexual? Want to play the big words beginning with “H” game? That’s heteronormative. Is there a “really big chance” Derek is heterosexual because we’ve seen him have sex with a woman? Because I wouldn’t say that that little incident of incredibly dubious consent is evidence of anything. Is Stiles heterosexual because we’ve only ever seen him kiss girls? Kiss which Stiles has never actually initiated and have always been initiated by the girls in question.

Stiles having sex (debatable) with Malia is not homphobic, you’re right. What Stiles having sex with Malia is, on the other hand, is incredibly problematic. Even if you’re of the opinuion that Malia can just stroll on out of the woods after being a coyote for the best part of a decade and suffer no ill effects from that, does Stiles really seem like he’s in a position to properly consent? There’s a reason why sexual relationships are not allowed in psychiatric units/insituations and that always comes down to capacity and consent. As someone who’s currently possessed by a vengeful spirit, Stiles is probably not in a position where he can consent.

Stiles being in love with Lydia is not homophobic; again, you’re right. However, much like Stiles having sex with Malia, it’s problematic at best. Lydia is not there as some prize for Stiles to win. Stiles’ entire attitude towards Lydia through seasons 1 and 2 was full on nice guy. Stiles doesn’t get to ‘win’ Lydia just because he’s been her friend hard enough or because he’s loved her for so, so long. Lydia deserves much more than that. Lydia deserves much more than Aiden. She deserved much more than Jackson.

Yes, lots of people replied to the “who should win Stiles’ heart” question with Derek, but you know what else people replied to that question with? That neither of them should “win” Stiles heart and that he should instead go off and heal after the incredibly traumatic time he’s been having. People bashed those canonical pairings because they are problematic, and yet again the Teen Wolf social media team plays these relationships up as romantic when they’re anything but.

You can’t really talk about queerbaiting and not address Sterek, because Sterek is convenient to Teen Wolf when they want to win competitions to get themselves onto the front cover of TV magazine or when they’re hoping to trend worldwide on Twitter. That’s queerbaiting.

No, Danny doesn’t deserve to be sidelined or trotted out to check off the gay representation box every couple of episodes, but Danny has always been a secondary character so of course wouldn’t get as much time on screen as main characters. What is a shame is that from being Danny the goalie, Danny who is hella smart, Danny who is Jackson’s best friend, he’s been reduced to nothing more than Danny who happens to be gay. That’s problematic. As is bringing back a character (Caitlyn) who had previously been described as being gay and making her bi to check off that bi representation box.

You think people are crying homophobia because they’re ship isn’t becoming canon? The majority of Sterek shippers I know would happily never have it become canon. What I know I want, and I know a lot of other Sterek shippers want is positive representation. Characters that happen to be gay, or bi, or pan, or ace, whatever, and don’t have it become the sum total of their parts.

This is a really strange response to my post because I agree with just about everything you said and most of what you said has nothing to do with my point about homophobia being used as a scapegoat by the Sterek fandom to attack anything that isn’t Sterek.