Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

"Yeah. It’s kind of like we’ve fulfilled everyone’s, like, void that apparently the show has [with Danny]. Derek and Stiles are on a little bit of a break. No, I don’t know. We’re not in that many scenes together, for some reason. Our characters still have that rapport, and just because it’s not touched on as much… everything’s so much bigger. Derek’s world grows, Stiles’ world grows, hence they don’t have [as much] time. Even me and Posey don’t have as many scenes as we did together. It’s kind of the case with everybody on the show.” - Dylan O’Brien

And here we have Dylan saying THE EXACT SAME THING as the person who wrote that MTV article implying Sterek shippers only want two guys having sex. Where’s the backlash? Where are the meltdowns? Where are the threats, the name calling?

All this time, Sterek shippers were certain that the cast of Teen Wolf “understood why they shipped Sterek,” when in actuality, they don’t get it and think you guys just want to see two guys fuck.

I think Mariah Carey said it best, “I can see right through you like you’re bathing in Windex.”

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