RIP Sterek, a list of meltdowns.

Because I’m obviously a sadist, I’ve decided to compile a list of my favorite responses to Dylan inadvertently sinking the Sterek ship.

  • AllyArgent: You claim to love Danny, yet he seems to be one of the only characters not included on your tag page. Interesting.
  • SterekMess: You don’t deserve special recognition because you sit online all day and obsess over something that does not exist.
  • Ace0389: You’re not getting what you want so you no longer care. Very mature of you, Tumblr user Ace0389.
  • LarryHy-Stereks: Yeah, blame the journalists despite the fact that Dylan is the one who just mentioned the whole “gay payoff” thing.
  • DragonsSleepInFire: You say “breaking point”, I say “reality check”.
  • Sakoorah: Me thinks that if it was Sterek filling that “gay quota”, you wouldn’t really care.
  • ChasingShadowsInTheSun: Maybe they’ll stop with the “gay payoff” stuff when you guys stop shipping heterosexual characters and fetishizing homosexuality.
  • LonedWolf: But you do. 90% of all fan art and fic is smut and/or explicit. Dylan sees it, Jeff sees, the journalists see it, MTV sees it, and non-shippers see it. The only ones who don’t see it, are those who ship Sterek. Coincidence? I think not!

The rest are the exact same thing over and over again. “We don’t want Sterek for sex, we want Sterek because we want a deep relationship that shows gay men can love one another. Nooo, not Danny, Stiles and Derek! It must be Stiles and Derek.”

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