Maybe I’m reading these posts wrong, but two teenagers having consensual sex is not the same as Derek Hale, who is in his twenties, having sex with Stiles Stilinski, who is sixteen. Both legally and morally,  these things are not comparable.

And honestly, it’s not even the legal aspect that people have a problem with, we break the law all the time, it’s the moral aspect, the idea of an adult having sex with a minor. People try to bring up “age of consent” laws to justify their shipping, but in certain Central American countries, the age of consent is as low as 14. Are you going to argue with me that because of age of consent laws, it’s okay for adults to have sex with 14 year olds?  Come on, please say no.

I understand the idea behind morality and that we all have our own morals, but 99% of the people who are on the Internet and “ship” Sterek, are educated, privileged people living in the first world, which means they were taught the difference between an adult relationship and an adult relationship with a minor.

Maybe I missed the memo that told us the Sterek fandom teamed up with NAMBLA?

The Sterek Campaign (now sponsored by the North American Man/Boy Love Association).

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    NAMBLA? Really? Way harsh, Tai. So, are you gonna go after all shippers and porny fic writers/artists/readers for...
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    Two teenagers cannot have consensual sex if they’re below the age of consent. End of story. Morality and squickness...
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    Okay I’m sorry. I agree with a lot of what you post but absolutely do I not agree with this. Age of Consent is not...
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