The LOL Sterek/Anti-Sterek Campaign


To the dismay of those who do not ship Sterek, it was recently announced that the #CookiesforSterek atrocity is back in action. I thought it would be funny to create a campaign of our own and a lot of people seemed to enjoy the idea. The point of this campaign is to flaunt our own ships and have our own little campaign that showcases other characters and ships. So, here are some rules and ideas for anyone who wants to participate. The campaign will be held on September 23. 


  • All ships/characters are welcome (except for Sterek - obviously).
  • IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE COOKIES! Bake/make/order whatever the hell you want! Hell, it doesn’t even have to be food. Draw a picture, write a sign, make a video, write a story, whatever your heart desires.
  • No ships are off limit (except Sterek - again obviously).
  • Due Date: September 23 - only post your photos on that date, so our pictures will be shown with the sterek ones (this way people will see not everyone ships sterek).
  • You don’t have to be in the picture :)
  • Share them wherever you want. Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Facebook, wherever. 
  • The hashtag for this campaign will be #LOLSterekCampaign. You can use whatever other tags you want but make sure you use that one. You can also use the hashtag in the meantime to talk about the campaign.
  • You CAN do something for Stiles and you CAN do something for Derek, AS CHARACTERS, not as a ship.
  • Have. Fun.
  • Show love for your characters and ships!

Ideas: (just examples, don’t have to use them)

  • Snickerdoodles for Scott?
  • Peanutbutter cup cookies for Stydia?
  • Dark Chocolate cookies for Dennifer?
  • Brownies for Allison?
  • Pizza for Issac?
  • Rocky Road ice cream for Scerek?
  • Cake for Sciles?
  • Chocolate covered pretzels for Allydia?
  • Milkshake for Scisaac?
  • Candy for Boyrica? (Is that their name? lol)

I’m all for LOLSTEREK, obviously, but how about a general Teen Wolf Campaign instead? One of the biggest complaints about the Sterek Campaign is that it excludes everyone who doesn’t ship Sterek, meaning that if we make our own exclusive campaign then it’s kind of hypocritical. I think the best thing would be a general Teen Wolf Campaign that includes any and all characters and ships as long as they come from a place of love and respect. It would not only include everyone, but also inspire people to participate because it’s not coming from a place of spite or revenge.

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    I need to knit something for this. I have a specific hat in mind.
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    I wanna do “junk food for Sciles”. like a ton of chips and candies surrounding an x-box. you know, because game night...
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    Do as many as you want! Brownies for Berica (thanks for clarifying!) sound friggin’ amazing.
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    ALL I HAVE ARE BROWNIE MIXES IN MY HOUSE Brownies for Berica? (that’s the ship name my love) Since I ship pretty much...
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    Frankly I don’t care what anyone else says, I’m going to do something for this regardless because it sounds fun (though...
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    I’m gonna make some Scisaac oatmeal cookies :) And maybe a chocolate cake for Dennifer
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